some of my favorite silos

Silo Scene


I have some favorite silos. Don't you have favorite silos? Maybe it's a mid-west thing. These two are in my to ten. Not because they are old and interesting. The location isn't particularly interesting. I like these silos because of their color. 

So, if I love their color, I suppose that I should show you how they look in color:


Twin Silos


Those blues and rust colors are what catch my eye. Maybe I am some sort of farm nerd. 



2 thoughts on “some of my favorite silos

  1. You ARE a farm nerd. But own it. (Takes one to know one.) I love that one in color! Those are excellent silos, and I like them for the same reasons you mention. We don’t have any like that around here, but we have farms around here and I was actually noticing silos as I was driving home from walking in the park yesterday..isn’t that a funny coincidence?!


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