looks like a good plan

Looks LIke a Good Plan


Unbelievably, the museum in Urban has a complete set of blueprints for the B17G they are re-building. I can't imagine where you have to go to get them. I know some 3D modellers that would love to lay their hands on them. 

I am continuously amazed at what you can find in our little community. You just have to get out and look.


2 thoughts on “looks like a good plan

  1. I love blueprints! My sister is lucky enough to have this originals for their home, built in 1900, and it shows it as everything was before some renovations, and a new room was added in the back in the 20s or 30s… they have it framed and up on the wall, so everyone can enjoy it.
    Great shot, here! Love the perspective.


  2. Amy, having the original blueprints for a nice old home would be incredible. I also love blue prints, maps, and nautical charts. I can spend hours looking aqt them. I know I am a big nurd, but I am very comfortable with it. 🙂


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