lemon curd

A few of you expressed and interest in the real recipe for lemon curd. Debbie was kind enough to send it over to me. Here it is:


Recipe for LEMON CURD from My Favorite Receipt, 1886.

To 2 pounds of loaf sugar, add 1/2 pound of good butter, the rind of 4 lemons grated, the juice of 6, 8 eggs; Beat the eggs a very little before adding them to the sugar and lemons; put all in a jar; stand jar in a sauce pan of boiling water, stir it occasionally until the consistency of honey; keep the water boiling and stir the mixture with a silver spoon about 8 minutes makes a delicious filling for pies. – Mrs. F. J. Southwell, Hawley Minn.


When we made the lemon curd, we used a half recipe. Good luck and let me know how yours turned out.


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