daffodil bloom four

Daffodil Bloom 4


Whenever I approach a photo subject, I try to see something new or iconic in the image. I often take several images from different angles and with different settings. I'm trying to go beyond the normal view of the object. I try to determine what caught my eye. Was it the light? Was it the shape or maybe the contrast in colors? 

My approach to a scene would be a little different. Then, I would often look for the story that the scene tells. However, with objects, I am often focused on trying to catch your eye without telling a story. I just want you to see what I see. I want your eye to settle where I think it should. Often, through framing, focus, depth of field, and post processing, I can lead your eye around the image until it becomes riveted to a single spot in the picture. That is a real challenge, and is real power.

Of course, sometimes, I just see something pretty and want to take a picture of it. Really… no need to over think it.



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