do you recognize this woman?



If you were to sift through all of my photographs of people, taken over the last two years, two women would stand out more than any other people. The first would be my wife, Jodi. I have hundreds of photographs of Jodi in her dance costumes. The second most photographed person would be my friend Deb. 

Among the many hats that Deb wears is that of professional musician. In that role, she asked me to create a head shot for her. She has an upcoming concert and needed a photo in a hurry. While editing the head shot, I suddenly realized that this image is completely out of context for the way you would normally see me shoot Deb. As a matter of fact, many of my longtime readers refer to her by a completely fictitious name; Jeanne Clausen.


Here are a few of Deb's more memorable portaits.




Belle and Deb


Spinner 7


Laundry Day 2


New Hat 2


Knitting Socks


Friendly Approach


Ball 1


Don't see Deb in that last image? Look on stage, Deb is playing classical guitar. You would be surprised at all of the talents she has. Here is an incomplete list of the many hats that Deb wears:



Musician (That I know of; recorder, flute, lute, guitar, & mandolin)

Spinner and weaver

Needle worker & seamstress (Deb made all of the costumes she wears in all of these period images)

Gourmet cook

Chicken herder & lady farmer (Sheep, horses, chickens… you name the farm animal)

House mistress (I use this term in its historic sense)


I think it is fair to say that Deb is a good example of a modern renaissance woman.



One thought on “do you recognize this woman?

  1. Great picture Tim and I loved that you followed it with the other pictures. Deb is a beautiful woman with many, many accomplishments.
    I hope to have the opportunity to meet her one of these days.


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