easy come easy go – the great lake swimmers

Those of you that know me well, know that music is as important to me as photography. I could no more give up my ipod as give up my camera. As I go about my life, music is my soundtrack. A soundtrack that I can control. In that role, music can bring back powerful memories of good times or bad because songs become associated with events or times in my past.

Anytime that I hear the song Omaha by Counting Crows, I think of a business trip that I took while my wife and I were still dating. She gave me a cassette with the song on it, and it became the sound track to the entire week. Now, the song brings back those first few months of our relationship. Hearing Omaha evokes those feelings of new found love, anticipation and excitement.

A couple of years back, I discovered the band, Great Lake Swimmers and instantly fell in love with their music.  Thoughtful and intelligent lyrics played with quiet integrity. Their album Lost Channels had just been released and quickly climbed to the top of my listening rotation. This was an album stocked with songs that you could sing along with or quietly absorb.

I bring up the Great Lake Swimmers because they have just announced a new album. New Wild Everywhere will be released April 3rd. They have given us a sneak peek by allowing us to hear the first song off of the album and I am as excited  as the first time I heard Pulling On A Line.

So, without going on any further, here is Easy Come Easy Go by The Great Lake Swimmers. I hope you enjoy the catchy tune.

Great Lake Swimmers – Easy Come Easy Go (radio edit) by nettwerkmusicgroup




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