double breasted cormorants

Lake Cormorants


I didn't know that we had cormorants in Ohio. When I got up early and captured these birds on the pond, I thought they were loons. I was set straight by a photo friend on flikr that recognized them right away.


Lake Cormorant


Now I know. Don't you like learning something you didn't know before? So, there you go. Double breasted cormorants on a pond in Ohio. Go figure. I wonder if we have penguins? They might have wandered in with the hard frost we got last weekend.

One thought on “double breasted cormorants

  1. These are pure awesomeness, Tim! Seriously beautiful and I love the mist. I wish I was able to get up early enough to capture something like this. I meant to go on a sunrise photowalk in the summer, but I never managed to do that. I’m too much of a evening/night person.


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