simple thimble thoughts



If I ever wanted to learn to sew a quilt, I think that I would want a thimble. Think about it. You would need to push a needle and thread through multiple layers of cloth and batting material, tens of thousands of times. The process repeated for every stitch. Can you imagine what all that pushing would do to your finger tips?

If I wanted to have a thimble, I think that I would want a unique example like the one you see in the picture above. That my friends, is not an ordinary thimble. None of those metal shot glass looking, full coverage thimbles for me. I want an open toed sandal of a thimble. I imagine that this thimble is the Birkenstock of the sewing circuit. A quirky European import thimble made for the kind of individual that likes to dance to his/her own tune. No following the masses for the owner of this thimble.

Those are my simple thimble thoughts. I just felt like sharing them with you. I hope you didn't mind.

Just for fun, try saying "Simple Thimble Thoughts" three times, fast, without spitting. 🙂



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