bird on a board

Bird on a board


I'll bet that as you were laying in bed this morning, trying to figure out if you were awake yet, that you were thinking that a bird on a board would be the perfect start to your day. I agree with you, that would be a perfect way to start your day and even your week.

I can't bring you a real bird on a real board because I don't know where you live and the bird would probably fly off when I tried to pick the board up. I can bring you this picture of a bird on a board. When you think about it, the picture is probably the better way to go. It's portable and the bird never takes off just when you need him the most.

Enjoy your bird on a board. It is a gift from me to you. You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “bird on a board

  1. Thanks Tim, it’s almost spooky how well you read my mind, from such a long ways away!! Well, to be honest, I was thinking I really needed a bird, I just didn’t realize I really wanted it firmly perched on a board, yet somehow you just knew that I did! Awesome shot my friend, and not too messy for my office here. Love it.


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