a tale of two fruit

Black Walnut


Across the road fro our home are two trees that bear fruit this time of year. Shown above, you might recognize a black walnut. The green outer casing rots way, revealing the walnut inside. I like walnuts, but even with a source near by, I prefer to buy them. The rotted casing stains your hands and is difficult to wash away.


Hedge Maple


You are forgiven if you don't recognize this one. Say hello to a hedgeapple. In my  home, we call them brain fruit. They are also called osage oranges (go figure, they are all green). In Arkansas or Texas, they are also called horse apples though, to be honest I think of horse apples as something else entirely.

As far as I know, hedgeapples have no real purpose other than as an insect repellent. They are not poisonous or toxic, but are said to taste terrible. If I ever come a cross a recipe for hedgeapple pie, I'll be sure to share it with you.


One thought on “a tale of two fruit

  1. Nicely seen images. I’ve always been curious about making black walnut ink….you collect the most rotten ones…the horrible, sticky ones that stain your hands, you boil them down to make a permanent black drawing ink. It’s kind of involved. Now I know who to ask to collect them for me, if I decided I’m ever game…mrah ha ha!


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