You have never seen sorghum? I am not surprised. Sorghum is not a common plant any more and when you do see it, you might be forgiven if you think you are looking at a field of corn.




Just like corn, sorghum grows on a tall stalk with long hanging leaves. However, if you look closely, you will see that there are no ears on the stalks.




At the top of every stalk is this bunch of fruit that looks like berries. These are the seeds.

What do you do with sorghum? Well, you make syrup with it. The canes are cut down and passed through a grinder, squeezing out the juice in the process. The juice is then boiled down to make a sweet amber colored syrup. Think of slightly bitter sweet molasses and you will have some idea of what sorghum tastes like.

While not very common in the North, Sorghum syrup can still be found in some areas of the South, like northern Georgia. I have eaten biscuits with sorghum syrup many times and can tell you that it is worth eating, if you can find it. Just like maple syrup or honey, a jar can sit on the shelf for a long time, so bring one home  and enjoy the sweet flavor of sorghum syrup for months to come.

Consider this a tip from your friend Tim. I would not steer you wrong when it comes to good eating. 

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