cincinnati sunrise

Cincinnati Sunrise 3


I recently celebrated my birthday by treating myself to the sunrise from Mt. Echo west of Cincinnati. Mt. Echo is 9 minutes away, so I had to get up at four in the morning to be on location with pleny of time to set up my equipment. Afer seeing the resulting images, I have no regrets about waking up so early. The view was spectacular and the sunrise did not disappoint.


Cincinnati Sunrise 1


I created a few shots with my 70-210mm lens but most of the images were shot using my 18-55mm. I liked the wider angle for shots from this distance. To steady the shots, I used my heavy duty tripod and a remote shutter release.


Cincinnati Sunrise 2


As the sun rose behind the city, the buildings were silhouetted against the light and reflected on the surrounding buildings. I managed to see a gorgeous light show that morning. I continued shooting until the sun was well above the skyline. Along the way, I shot a series of images that I will eventually stitch together to form a panorama. I'll be sure to let you have a peek at the results when I am finished. Meanwhile, enjoy the sunrise over Cincinnati.


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