thursday packards



Dayton is lucky enough to play host to America's Packard Museum. I had been to the venue once before as part of a corporate event and always wanted to return during the day, when I could put my camera to good use.


Packard Window Art


The museum is located in an old Packard dealership and by matching the period cars with the proper building, the museum has hit a home run. When you walk in, you are immediately immersed in the experience. Walking from the show room to the old maintenance area, you get the feel of both the front end and the back end of the dealership.


Show Room 3


Show Room 2


The cars range from the turn of the twentieth century to the mid fifties, when the Packard went out of production. During this era, cars were bathed in design details that you can't see on modern automobiles.


Rad Cap




Silver Goose


This was my first time shooting cars and I struggled to find a good way to shoot the wonderful lines I found, given the poor lighting in the museum. Still, I had a fantastic time trying.








With a spare afternoon to spend in Dayton, most people automatically think about visiting the incredible U.S. Air Force Museum. I don't blame them, the AF museum is incredible. However, If you prefer cars over planes and missiles or if you have already seen the jets, the Packard museum provides an outstanding alternative.


Red Truck


Packard Sign


Show Room 4


From early race cars and dump trucks to vehicles owned by MacArthur and Al Capone, the museum's collection is really impressive. Go and see it, you really won't be disappointed.


A quick note: While going back and researching facts for this post, I noticed that I was only charged $5 to enter the museum, the senior rate. This was the day before my fiftieth birthday. Do I really look like a senior already? Don't you have to be retired to be considered a senior?Maybe I should just relax and enjoy the discount.


2 thoughts on “thursday packards

  1. You did a very nice job with these! I love old cars. I don’t understand why modern car companies can’t make new cars look more like the old ones, only with better engines. I love watching Boyd Coddington’s American Hot Rod from TV whenever they’re showing it. 🙂


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