you can take a cross town bus… zoo part two

King of the World


Earlier this week, I posted about the wonderful birds that I found at the Columbus Zoo. Located in, of all places, Columbus, Ohio the zoo is a popular destination for folks living in the area. Today, I wanted to finish up our trip to the zoo by showing some of the animals and also by giving you my overall impressions. To start off, here are some of the animals that I saw:


Otterly Cute


Hey... How's it going?


Cover of GQ


Playing in the Water


Dum dee dum dum


What is that? When I move, it moves!


Snuggly Soft




Researcher in Action


My wife doesn't like zoos at all. She thinks that the animals must be sad to be locked up in cages and enclosures. After visiting some questionable zoos like the Cincinnati zoo or the Atlanta zoo of the seventies, I can understand where her feelings come from. I like zoos. I enjoy the opportunity to see exotic animals from foreign lands. I don't want to see any animals living in poor conditions. However, I think that zoos have a role to play when it comes to education and conservation and as long as the animals are well cared for physically and mentally, Bring em on. I want to see some animals!

The Columbus zoo is a world class zoo. The animals are sheltered in habitats that closely match their natural environments. From Brown bears to apes, I saw animals with plenty of room, ways to entertain themselves, and safe. The zoo has done a remarkable job of balancing the publics desire to see the animals with the animals need for a healthy home.

That last two images might be part of the zoo's success. The animals are placed in environments that are engaging. Activities are built into the animals daily lives. The zoo is used to train researchers. I saw the student's throughout the site, making notes and recording video. I think we can thank Jack Hanna for the way the zoo sees its mission. His vision of a modern zoos role in education and conservation has produced seed changes in the way modern zoos are run.

Thanks Jack. You've done well.


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