barn dance!

Barn Dance 3


Saturday nights are made for getting out and having a great time. For me, this Saturday meant the fall dance in the barn at the farm. I'm not much of a dancer. I do like to dance but, most of my dancing occurs at home with the stereo blasting. I can dance however I want and the only one laughing is my wife. Unless you are dancing at a wedding or you are a square dancer, old men should pretty much only dance behind closed doors. The rest of the world does not want to see us wiggling our sagging old man bottoms. It's just a fact. I can live with it.


Barn Dance 1


All this is to say that because I have no idea how to square dance, I didn't dance on Saturday night. Square dancing intimidates me. Any dancing that requires a traffic cop calling out instructions must be too complicated for my little pea head. I'd rather watch the other people dancing in their complicated patterns while I sit back and tap my toes to the music. Besides, I am always too busy with my camera.


Barn Dance 2


And afterall, isn't that better for everybody? You get to look at the pictures and I get to avoid injury. Sounds like a win-win situation for everybody involved.



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