living the life

The One for Renee


When I was young and growing up outside of Boston, my parents had two VW vans. They were not as fancy as this one but, for a kid growing up, we drove in style. The oldest was a 60s era rectangle with two doors on the passenger side. Dark blue on the bottom and a white top, we called the vehicle Fritzi. The 70s era microbus was light blue and had the first sliding door that I can remember on a car. In so many ways, these vans were ahead of their times.

When our family would go camping, my father would take out the center seat and replace it with a plywood box he had made. the box acted as storage but, would also fold out into a bed. Fritzi's windows had striped curtains for privacy when camping. We really looked like a hippy family when we were heading down the highway as we played I Spy and Punch Buggy.

We didn't have a lot of money when we were young. My father had to do all of the maintenance on the VW himself and I can remember that there was not much heat to speak of during the cold New England winters. However, when you are young, you don't realize any of that. All you know is that, when you all piled into Fritzi's cavernous interior, there was adventure ahead of you. Camping trips, beaches, forests, zoos, and road trips all bore witness to my family rolling and laughing down the road in a big VW bus. We might not have had much money but, we sure thought we were living the life.


Exposure 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 35 mm
ISO Speed 100


This image was shot just after dawn and was steadied using a tripod. I had been out shooting the sunrise over a field of corn when, I spied this church van on the way back to my car. I thought the rich morning light created a nice atmosphere for the bright colors. The original image had a giant power pole on the right hand side and heavy electric lines in the sky in front of the van. I removed them in Photoshop because they distracted from the van.


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