i do know one thing

Farm Character 1


I don't know this man from Adam's house cat. He could be a crazy old coot for all that I know. I don't think that he is a crazy old coot. I'm just saying that I don't know much about him.


Farm Character 2


He seemed to have a cool sense of humor. But, who knows? Maybe he just liked pretending that he liked to laugh.


Farm Character 3


He seemed to know a lot about the farm. You never know, he might have been making up the answers to pull my leg. If he was pulling my leg, that could be evidence that he does have a good sense of humor. Still, I have no real idea. I only met him once and we only spoke for a few minutes.


Farm Character 5


He seemed thoughtful. However, how do you know if somebody is thoughtful or if their mind is just wandering. When he got that far off distant look, he might have been imagining himself on a beach in the Bahamas.


Farm Character 6


He gave the appearance of being an open and honest type. The problem is that I am part of a generation that no longer takes things at face value. We are jaded and doubtful of anything that we can't poke and prod to see if it is genuine. We have passed that attitude along to our children. To me, that is kind of sad…. not being able to take people at face value.

I wish that I were part of a generation that was filled with hope and had the ability to believe in people and causes and nations without needing a test of faith. Unfortunately, I am not and as a result, I believe what I can see and touch. And so, what can I tell you of this man without reservation? Is there anything that I can say about him and be sure that I am not wrong?


Farm Character 7


Well, I can tell you one thing for sure. This man with such character in his eyes and open expression on his face likes lemonade. That I know. He likes lemonade.


2 thoughts on “i do know one thing

  1. You have done an exceptional job at capturing just the right moments. My favorite is when he’s scratching his beard with his left hand. It’s honest and real and to me, gives me a broader sense of what he might be all about!


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