mowing the pasture

Lee's Incredible Beard


Meet Lee. Meet Lee's beard. Together, they have the job of keeping the grass in the pasture behind the barn in reasonable condition. In the summer months, this means occasionally cutting the grass.

Cutting the grass in the pasture is not quite the same as you and I mowing our lawns. All the prep work we need to perform is to check that we have gas and occasionally check that there is oil in the mower. Lee has a lot of work to do, even before he starts to mow. First off, he has to chase down and harness up a pair of horses.


Maggie and Jane


For today's work, Lee has harnessed up Jane and Maggie and hooked them up to the mower. Maggie is the big girl on the left and one of my favorites on the farm. Together, these two beautiful horses will pull the mower through their own pasture, leaving behind plenty of cut grass for them to eat.


The Mowing Team


The girls really wanted to get going. As a result, Lee needs to keep a strong leash on them and waited until they calmed down. In the past, this pair has bolted on him and he always shows them that he is the one in control.


Mowing 3


Once the girls had settled down, the entire trio headed off into the pasture to get their work done.  As the horses pulled the rig, the wheels of the mower powered a gearbox that, in turn, powered the blades on the mower.


Mowing 2


Not a bad day to spend your day, watching a horse team in action. The power of the two had no problem pulling the mower with Lee on top. Watching their huge muscles working and seeing how much they enjoy the work is a wonder every time.


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