black eyes and other thoughts

Black Eyed Susans


Did you grow up calling black and yellow cone flowers by the name Black Eyed Susans? I don't think I have ever known them by any other name. In hind sight, several questions come to mind:


Who was Susan?

Who made up the name? Somebody had to have said "Black Eyed Susan" first and you know he had a specific girl in mind. You don't just name a flower like that out of the blue. What were the circumstances?

Why did she have a black eye? Did she fall down? Was she clumsy? Did somebody hit her?

If her name had been Deloris, would "Black Eyed Doris" have stuck over the years?

Why not a man? I kind of like "Black Eyed Chuck". That is a man's flower to be sure.


Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking of important questions like these. Issues that could change our understanding of the world. I hope you appreciate the work I do for you and the rest of Mankind.



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