cloud bank

After the Storm 1


Close to sunset last night, we had a much needed downpour of heavy rain that resulted from a line of thunderstorms moving through the area. This was the kind of storms that flash and bang like a Fourth of July party in Chinatown. I am a lover of good lightning storms. Bring them on! The more violent, the better. As long as no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged, I am all for them.


After the Storm 2


An hour or so later, the storm had moved further east, leaving clear skies. The only exception was this gorgeous cloud bank that lazily moved eastward. As the clouds lingered, the last of the day's sun tried to peak through, giving us these magical god rays, fanning out from openings in the clouds. As much as the thunder land lightning got my blood going these rays were calming and serene. I thought about how strange that mother nature could pump me up one moment and just a few minutes later, she could completely calm me down. I like you Ma Nature. Keep up the good work. I am a big fan.


Have a fantastic Saturday folks, enjoy your time off.


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