how to beat the heat in three easy steps

Beat the Heat



I know that all of you have been struggling to survive the heat dome of 2011, just like I have. Well, I am here to help you with three easy steps to help you live through the heat.


Step One:
 Open the refrigerator door.


Step Two:
Climb into the refirgerator. This may require that you first dump everything that currently resides in the refrigerator onto the kitchen floor. However, don’t fret, sacrifices need to be made in the name of comfort.


Step three:
Close the door to the refrigerator. If you are claustrophobic, just close your eyes and pretend you are sleeping and you won’t know the difference.


And in case you were wondering (Renee Jackson Stewart), the light does go out. I just happened to bring a flashlight in with me. Hey look, cold pizza… sorry peoples of the web, you are on your own from here on out. the pizza is calling.


Have a great day folks.



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