morning walk

Morning Walk


I have a problem. A sort of addiction. I crave the sunrise. Every chance that I can get, I drive to the same location at the lake and sit quietly while the sun peaks its head over the horizon. I've reached the point where I get really bummed when I can't go or when I do and the sunrise isn't up to par. Today was one of those days. I got up and out of the house, drove over to the lake, parked and waited. Clouds, too many clouds.

A few clouds lead to a brilliant sunrise but too many clouds just difuse the light and all the world gets is a dull glow the sky.  Pretty, yes but, when I make the effort to wake up early and greet the sun, I expect to get some value for my effort. So you see, I do have an addiction. Averge sunrises are just not doing it for me any more. I need spectacular colors reflecting off of towering clouds and leading to lush reflections on tranquil water.

However, I remember my Father's wise words about birthdays. He says that it sucks to grow old old, but it is better than the alternative. A crappy sunrise is better than no sunrise. Besides, I have plenty of company… seems like there are a lot of people that like to get up early and meet the sun. Crazy sunrise addicts. Should be a 12 step program for something like this.



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