meet walter doogan

Walter Doogan - Beetle

Uh oh, after some research, I think that "Walter" is a female stag beetle.


Walter Doogan was a different kind of Beetle to be sure. He liked classical music, knit caps and sandals, while the rest of the bugs his age were listening to rock and roll and dressing like clones of each other. His mother called him eccentric but the rest of the world just called him odd.

His friends liked the way he marched to his own drum and were able to look deeper until they saw the generous and loyal friend that he was. To them, he was brave and unique in his willingness to be his own bug and ignore current trends. While he was being teased by others for not conforming to the current norms, his close knit group of friends admired the audacity of his difference.

Even so, his friends did think his penchant for climbing was a little strange, even for him. Walter would climb anything that was tall and towered into the air. He seemed to see the sky scraping heights as a sort of personal challenge. His conversation would revolve around his latest target for days ahead of a big climb. The building excitement always insured that Walter had an audience to cheer him on.  The actual climb seemed to last forever as Walter raised one leg at a time and pulled himself up the vertical surface. moving onward at a slow and deliberate pace.

You have to wonder what drives Walter upwards? What inner fire motivates him in his quest to conquer the heights? We may never know the answer. We can guess that this is yet another part of the beauty that makes Walter different.



One thought on “meet walter doogan

  1. You know, Walter Doogan’s story seems to ring a bell in my mind.
    He may have been one of those eccentric types but he grew up to be a legend in his own time.


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