arthea’s flight

Pixie Trail 2

There were three of the hulking Gh'rull thrashing through the forrest floor behind Arthea. She had heard them coming long before she could see them and had sensed them long before that. As a Long Guardian, it was her job to report this news back to the queen before the Gh'rull became a danger to the tribe or caused  damage to the grove.

The Gh'rull were clumsy and dull witted but, Arthea would still need to be careful. If she were to fly straight back to the grove, the creatures would follow her pixie trail. Instead, she would have to fly a winding path through the forrest to lead them astray and then dart back to the grove while they were confused. The Queen and the rest of the tribe would have no problem finding them again.

As her gossamer wings beat a soft hum, Arthea put her plan into action and sped through the trees, away from the grove for the time being. Twisting and looping through the moonlit forrest, she had the Gh'rull confused in no time at all. As she turned towards the grove, Arthea could hear the creatures frustrated confusion as they attempted to follow her interwoven trail before it faded into the dark.


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