the hunter

The Hunter


Look at her and listen to her. Not a worry or a care in her life. But, I could change that pretty quickly. While she inanely babbles about her perfect life, I can read the address on her driver's license sitting along with her credit card on the counter in front of her. She can't even see me, I am invisible to her.

716 West Raym… that is all I can read. No problem, I'll bet that is West Raymond Street on the north side of town. Nice neighborhood. Big houses sitting on perfect lawns that huddle on quiet streets. Tonight, that is going to change. How will all of the neighbors like all the noise and red lights in their front yards? I'll bet they won't like it very much at all.

I haven't had a red night in a long time. Tonight it is, I feel like playing and I think I just found my playmate. I hope she likes my toys! heh heh… This is going to be a red night.


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