mama mia?

"Frieda and Agnetha"


If you are anywhere close to my age, that means your grew up in the seventies. And wether you liked them or not, you probably listened to a LOT of ABBA. Not content to keep ABBA's ear worm tunes to ourselves, we have since inflicted their music on our children as well with movies and plays like "Muriel's Wedding", "The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert" and "Mama Mia".

I know this because in-spite of my aversion to pop music this sugary sweet, I have managed to tap my toes and sing along through all of them. I am not proud but, evidently I like ABBA music.

So, it was in musically challenged state that I went to see an ABBA tribute band at Veteran's Park in Springfield last night. I used the excuse that the event would be a great opportunity to take some concert shots but, we all know the real truth. I'd asked my photo buddy Larry if he would be there but, he said he had too much stuff to do. I suspect that in reality he was hiding in the bushes singing "Money Money Money" and giggling to himself. Fess up Larry!


The Gathering Crowd


Ride Up Concerts




Urban Wear


The crowd gathered to a couple thousand people as they waited for the sun to set and the band to take the stage. While I waited, I shot the crowd and the men's room door. Did you know that they made urban wear for seniors? Must be an emerging market.


Wide Stage






Finally, just after eight, the band took the stage and the crowd went wild. There was singing, clapping, and dancing in the aisles. 


Looking for Larry


This is a picture of "Frieda" looking for Larry in the crowd. She and I both knew he was there someplace. It's ok Larry, you have to admit you have an ABBA addiction as your first step towards getting help.


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