persistant inspiration

inspired experimentation


Sometimes I just can't get an image out of my mind until I've had a go at it myself. In this case, I was inspired by more than one image. Recently two of my photo buddies have featured images of daisies that were so well done that the shots have been stuck in my head.

The first source if inspiration came from Susan Downing in the form of a daisy shot from a really unusual angle. You can see her inspiring daisy here on flickr.

The second source of inspiration came from Wendy Erlendson. You can find her wonderful daisy image here on flickr.

Combined these two images placed daisies solidly into my head and I couldn't get them out. Luckily, we have some daisies in our flower beds and I didn't have to go far to find my subject. Like Susan, I wanted to do something unusual and I decided to try and blow out a flower that was already white. Even more I wanted to do it in camera, without any post processing.

This image is the result. What do you think about the image? Does it do anything for you? Did the experiment result in anything worth keeping or is this just another blown out image? Let me know what you think.




5 thoughts on “persistant inspiration

  1. Hi Deb! Yeah, I intentially blew the white out so that it would be “too” white. I am on the fence with this one and leaning towards not liking it.


  2. For your consideration –
    The diagonal element adds interest. The lighter blue area is fine but in the center, the very dark blue needs to go. Or, eliminate all blue, staying with your basic 3 colors. This would make for very pretty writing paper, background image for text/ad, or a greeting card where the words are to be the main ‘focus’. Technically,in competition, it would be judged very poorly and would most likely not pass the jurying process. But, not all images were meant to be on the pretty parade. Some are better in a functional realm. A ‘dislike’ in one area may very well be a ‘like’ in another !


  3. Thank you Renee. I agree with all of your comments. I am glad that I learned enough in the last year to not like the purple/blue on my own. As always, your candid comments are very much appreciated. I think this one will be chalked up to a valuable experiment and learning opportunity. I am pleased that I left my comfort zone and tried something different.


  4. Here’s my .02 Tim. I am normally not a fan of blown out whites in a photograph; I tend to lean more toward darker images. However, I REALLY like this one. The blown out whites make it very “dreamlike” but the shot is not so far blown that the main subject isn’t discernible. I agree with Renee on the blue portion of the shot. I find it to be a little distracting because it really stands out.
    Overall though, great job. I give it two thumbs up!!


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