last day



Meet my sister, Kelly.


Brother In Law


And her husband, Bill. Notice that they are both wearing their best hiking gear… not! While both wore shorts, they also wore their dress shirts. Bill had his pen, glasses and case placed neatly in his shirt pocket. I don't think that Bill owns a single T-shirt. If I told you that Bill was a math teacher at a private school, would you be surprised?

I spent my last full day and night at their house in the North Georgia mountains. We had a really wonderful day of hiking and eating followed by some visiting with each other and finally, we capped the day off by going to bed early at 7:30. This seems to be very typical of my visits with them. We have a fantastic day, wear ourselves out and go to bed before the sun.


Georgia Mountains


We started off by driving further into the mountains between Georgia and North Carolina. The day was relatively clear for a hot summer day and we could see for miles. The entire vista was uninterrupted nature. Mountains and forests without a sign of human habitation in site.


Georgia Mountains 2


Trees and Rocks


Once we were well into the mountains and near Highlands North Carolina, we stopped and went for a long hike at Glenn's Falls. The hike started through the forrest of tall pines, scrubby wild rhododendron and mountain laurel.


Glenns Falls 1


Sister and Falls


Eventually we found the falls. Three in all. They were wonderful to see and gave off a welcome cool mist. All told, we probably hiked two miles, all up and down hill. While Bill and I had appropriate hiking shoes, Kelly finished the entire trip wearing only a pair of beaded and bejeweled flip flops. Kelly kept asking how much further and Bill would only answer, just a little farther. Together they make a really warm couple to be around. They tease each other non stop and like to hold hands while they are walking.


Dry Falls


On the way home, we stopped at Dry Falls, just a short walk from the highway. Typical of Bill's generosity, he wanted me to see the falls while we were up there. The wet spray coming from the falls resulted in spectacular green foliage and mosses along the trail

If you are ever in Northern Georgia and want to know of some local trails, just ask Bill. He might even go with you… just relax, ties are optional.



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