mr. lee’s house

Georgia House


Sitting amongst the modern subdivisions in my parent's semi-rural Georgia town sits Mr. Lee's home. He and his wife have lived there for many years and their house is a reminder of another time. Homes like Mr. Lee's are disappearing all over the south and I will miss them when they are all gone.

As a younger version of me, I can remember seeing more of these homes. I would often see the lady of the house out sweeping the yard and even the occasional flock of chickens. Of course, there were dogs out in the yard and under the porch.

I hope the Lee's have many happy years ahead of them. When the time comes for them to pass, I know their home will go with them. When they are gone, their children will probably sell the land and a huge McMansion will take the place of what I think is a fine home and a reminder of what used to be.


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