bunnies in love

Bunnies in Love


Beatrice loved Peter with all her heart. He was handsome with his long ears and soft, glistening coat of fur. His bright blue eyes seemed to see into her soul, warming her and lifting her up. Yes, she loved Peter and better yet, she knew that the feeling was mutual. Beatrice remembered when they had woven their hearts together in the Spring daisy celebration, announcing to their families and friends that they had bonded and had committed themselves to only each other for the remainders of their lives.

Now the couple was ready to start their new life as a family in the thicket near the brook. This would be a good home and a happy home. The thicket was secure and surrounded with wild flowers and sweet meadows of grass.

I hope that Beatrice and Peter live long fruitful lives and have lots of children. Just leave Mr. Tom's garden alone!


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