gosh, gish!

Gish Mural


L_Gish Springfield, Ohio has a many claims to fame. Home to John Legend, International Harvester, Jonathan Winters, Colliers magazine, and my personal favorite Lillian Gish. She started off in the silent era and her career stretched until just before her death with "The Whales of August"

I always thought that she was a beautiful woman in her youth and a gorgeous human being in her senior years. In her will, she created the Dorothy and Lillian Gish prize, awarding annual prizes to those in the arts.

What I didn't know until recently was that she had a role in the controversial film "Birth of a Nation" at the beginning of her career.

Springfield never ceases to amaze me with its many surprises. Yes, it is a city that has seen better times however, it is also a city with deep and rich roots in manufacturing, history, and the arts.


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