blank sign

Blank Sign


A blank sign is like a blank canvas or a blank sheet of paper. The choices are wide open and you can put anything you want on it. You could advertise a product or service. You could make a statement to guide and educate your fellow human beings. You could boast of your accomplishments or just post your opinion.

A blank sign is a powerful thing indeed. What would you put on this blank sign? Tell me what you would put on the sign by using the comments and I will create the sign for you and post it here. If you would like to give sign making a try on your own, click on the image above and download the sign from flikr. Add your own content and show us what you can do by posting your image in the comments for this blog post. Go ahead, this is your big opportunity to speak your mind and communicate with the world. What are you waiting for?


Here is sign number one:


Save Tom Dinning


Sign number two:


Free Bricks



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