Struggling With Loss

On September 2nd my father died. 

There, I’ve typed it in black and white. There is no going back. 

My father is gone and since his death, my mother, siblings, his family, friends, and myself have all had to begin the process of living in a world without him. And I have to be honest in saying that it hasn’t been easy. I don’t see how it possibly could be. 

I miss him terribly and losing him has left me with an aching pain that has me struggling.  The lump in my throat and the tears are never far away. Laying just below the surface, they pop up at the most unexpected times. If you’ve lost someone that you dearly loved, you probably know what I’m going through. If you haven’t, I don’t think you could. I know that I had no idea the depths of pain that others felt after loss. I thought I did, but I hadn’t a clue. Now I know and wish that I didn’t.

A month has gone by since he left us. A month in which I’ve shared his death with just a few close friends. For those of you who knew him, I am sorry. Please temper your thoughts with an understanding of what I and my family have been going through. 

On Friday, we laid both Dad and my Unlce Eddie to rest, side by side, in the national cemetery in Canton, Ga. I’ll tell you more of that day in another post. I’ll share more about my father and his life as well. But, for today, I just wanted to let you know of his death.

While much of today’s post has been about my struggle with loss, know that I have an amazing support team looking out for me and my family. We are in good hands. Thank you to all of you who hug us, call us, text us, and see to it that we have the support we need to put one foot in front of the other. You mean the world to me and to my family.