Huffman Prairie

Huffman Prairie

In 1903, the Wright brothers successfully flew for a handful of seconds at Kitty Hawk. The next year, the brothers started experimenting and flying at Huffman Prairie, northeast of Dayton, OH in an effort to learn how to control their airplane and improve its design so that it would become a practical machine. Later, the prairie became the first permanent flying school, where the brothers charged $750 per student to teach them how to fly.

Even today, the prairie is impressive, though it no longer contains the cows that the wrights had to dodge.




If you have a few minutes to spare in Indianapolis, the tour of the catacombs under the city market is an interesting way to spend the time. A little history, a little architecture, and lots of dank, cool, darkness await the adventuresome. The Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Soldiers and Sailors monument are far more spectacular, however, I like to find these smaller side visits as well.


schoolhouse rock

Old school house in Ohio
Schoolhouse on the Ohio back roads.

This early one room schoolhouse was found one Saturday morning as I desperately searched for a break in the clouds. I really wanted to capture a farmscape. However, I’m very happy I found the school instead. We have a lot of these schools here in Ohio. Usually they’ve been converted into a small home, are being used as a storage building, or are just falling down. This is the first example that I have seen withe the belfry still in place. It might be crooked, but it’s still there.

No windows, it must have been dark and oppressive inside. Still, I am certain that many thousands of children received a solid, no frills, education while attending here.

Have a great Saturday.