Children’s Barn Dance

Carriage Hill-2015-03597

Way back in September, I attended a children’s barn dance and was reminded that I am just a big kid when it comes to these kinds of events. I adore seeing the delight, confusion, and all-round joy that the kids are having.

Carriage Hill-2015-03672

With guidance from the grown ups, the children were put through their paces. The parents were not allowed on the danced floor, but cheered on from the sidelines.

Carriage Hill-2015-03689

When the dancing was finished, the band kept playing for me. It was one of these fantastic moments, when you realize what good friends you have.

Carriage Hill-2015-03706

As the winter approaches (and my winter blues begin to kick in, dragging my spirits down), I can look at these images. The children and the great big smiles help me to remember the warm sunny day and the sounds of the blue grass music. The kind acts, and the laughter become vivid in my imagination. And for just a few minutes, the blues are held at bay.