If you have never been to the Columbus Museum of Art, you are in for a fine treat. Not that you would have thought much of the museum in the past. The building was old and too small. The artwork was crowded and there was very little in the way of contemporary or modern artwork on display. I was always disappointed in past visits.

Yesterday, my buddy Jim and I were able to take a last minute trip over to see the museum after its new expansion. Now, everything has been flipped 180 degrees. The expansion means new traveling exhibit space and more importantly, room for contemporary and modern art. Best of all, the art now has room to breathe.


The building is covered in copper that has been chemically aged. It has a nice texture and the patina is wonderful.


There are new conference and event rooms with art on the walls. All-in-all, CMOA hit the ball out of the park with the new expansion and the overhaul of the older building. I highly recommend that you visit the next time you find yourself in Columbus, OH.