dale chihuly

Chihuly 3


When it comes to non-photographic art, I generally find myself drawn to watercolors and, dutch masters, and the impressionists. I can name only a handful of current artists beyond the few that I am personally acquainted with. Dale Chihuly is among those few well known artists whose work is instantly recognizable to me.


Chihuly 2


His name comes so easily to mind because of the beautiful glass medium that he works within and the organic shapes that he creates. His peaces are easily recognizable.


Chihuly 4


Chihuly 1


Franklin Park Conservatory, located just east of downtown Columbus, Ohio has a large permanent collection of Chihuly glass sculptures that warrant a visit if you are ever in the area. Installed within the indoor gardens, the sculptures mingle with the gorgeous plants and flowers and can be visited year round without needing to worry about the weather. As an added bonus, many of the pieces are located within the tropical butterfly house.

Lovely art, beautiful flowers, and butterflies. How can you go wrong with a combination like that?