panning: try, try, and try again

Panning is otherwise known as the biggest test to my patience. I am not practiced at it and as a result, I am not good at it.

On a recent trip to Florida, I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing bird rookery. I thought the location and subject would be the perfect opportunity for me to practice panning. Truth be told, it was good practice. However the two hairs left on my bald head are now long gone. Most of the hundreds of photos that I took on that outing look just like the one shown below.


Missed Pan


I walked away with more than my share of out of focus bits of birds. Was the time well spent? I wouldn't have traded that day for anything. I got to spend time with my one of a kind Uncle Eddie, and at the end of the day, I walked away with a handful of images like the one below.


X Ray Wings


What do you know, my parents are right, practice makes perfect.

What part of your photography do you struggle with?

Make a point to practice. Put yourself in locations and in position to work on your weaknesses. Sure, you will shoot a lot of terrible pictures, but eventually you will get that first great shot. After enough practice, you will regularly get the great shots you you want.

Have a great day folks.