Eva Went to the Ball

I’m really not the best at Photoshop. So, on rainy days like this one, I sometimes pick out a photo that had potential but didn’t quite make the grade. I give them a go in Lightroom first and then port them on to Photoshop for the heavy lifting.

Eva 1

So it was with this photo of Eva. In the before, you can see that there is quite a bit wrong with the photo from exposure to those ugly metal chairs. The event is a Civil War ball in a historic building. Why fill it with modern metal chairs?

Eva 2

In the after, I’ve used the clone tool and paint brushes to remove the offending chairs and added adjustment layers with masks to make tonal and color corrections.

Now, the rain has passed and it’s time to go out and play…or take a nap. I could go either way.

Have a great Saturday, folks.

4 thoughts on “Eva Went to the Ball

      1. We are doing OK Tim. Pete is still working and I do most of the other necessary things. We have decided a kitchen repair is needed more than a trip this year. Still doing other small things around the house. Wish we were about 20 years younger it would make things so much easier. Pete had a full knee replacement in January and has been a success. Have very fond memories of our day together. Liz


  1. Lovely work…. you are a master! Very fine…I agree about those metal chairs…it would be nice if they could raise some money to rent more suitable ones.


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