Georgia Museum of Art

Georgia 2015-04804

I was in Atlanta over the Thanksgiving holiday and had the pleasure of visiting the Georgia Museum of Art. Located on the UGA campus, the museum is small, but has always been a favorite. True to form, the visit was really enjoyable. There were several new exhibits…at least new to me, and as always, their collection of primitive furniture is wonderful. However there was an exhibit of instruments and materials used by American brass bands in the 19th century and a collection of needlework created by early 19th century girls.

Georgia 2015-04794

The highlight was a fantastic display of Japanese Samurai armor and weapons. Each piece was gorgeous and amazing in the artwork and styling. Certainly, I can’t think of any other implements of battle that can come close in terms of beauty.

If you are an art lover and ever find your self in Athens, Georgia. Give the museum a try. I think you will like it quite a bit.


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