Contrast is one of my favorite elements of photographic composition. Even a beginning photographer can create wonderful images with good light and contrast. I was recently asked to comment on the contrast that I use in my images. Specifically, How do I use contrast with the intent of creating a viewer experience.

Here are some examples that might be helpful. However, these examples are limited to my work. You may make use of contrast in other ways that allow you to tell your own visual stories.

Carriage Hill-2015-1443

I use contrast to draw the viewers eye. When I want them to focus on one portion of the image, contrast can do the trick. The contrast can be between light and dark, colors, patterns and many other differing parts of the photo.

World Affair 2015-8211

Sometimes, I use contrast to eliminate the distractions of the background.

Coke Bottle Blues

I use contrasting colors to emphasize a pattern or to break it up.

Lanier Sunrise

I often use more subtle contrast too add atmosphere to a scene.

Night House

I use contrast to add drama to the image or suggest a story to the viewer.

Belle's Locks

Contrast can bring out textures and patterns.

Wild Phlox

Sometimes contrast can simplify a scene and allow the user to see the beauty of simple forms.

I hope these examples help to explain how I regularly use contrast. How do you use contrast in your work?

One thought on “Contrast

  1. Your descriptions about different aspects and characteristics of contrast are so astute. The photos you chose for this essay illustrate your points expertly. They are each exquisitely beautiful. Some of your best work.

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