Accidental Images

There are times when you take all of your years of experience and your equipment, and you put them to work creating a stunning image. You work hard, walking around the subject, trying different angles, and different light conditions. Finally, you take the perfect image and…well, it’s really not that interesting, the focus is off just a hair and you wish you had widened the depth of field a bit.

There are other times when you are fiddling around in the dark, trying to set your camera, struggling with the low light, and your gear’s poor ISO performance. You take a test shot and move on, not giving the image a second thought…and that one accidental shot, fired off almost thoughtlessly is the one that you come back to and think, “not bad for pure dumb luck”.

Maybe spontaneity has it’s place.

3 thoughts on “Accidental Images

  1. Oh, for sure! “Happy Accidents” have always made me smile when it happens in my work and for others…it’s an artist’s job to recognize them, though, and what makes them good. It’s still your art and hard work paying off. You saw the magic there, and the strength of the elements, and didn’t toss it aside. I really like this image, too!

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