In the Wind

There are days when I like a good challenge in a photograph. I like to look at a photo and try to figure out what the photographer was thinking and what they are trying to say to me with their work. If you are one of those viewers, then you are going to be disappointed today. I am not trying to say anything to you and you won’t find this image challenging at all.

It’s simply soothing in it’s simplicity. It is pretty and maybe nostalgic. Maybe simple images are a kind of pabulum. I am too tired and have too big of a migraine today to wrestle with those kinds of issues. So please, just sit and enjoy the image for what it was intended. Simple pleasure. Look at it and let your thoughts become lost in the wind.

5 thoughts on “In the Wind

  1. Those shadows! Beautiful. This is a soothing image, but it has artistic merit, too. The hues, the gesture of the figure, the towels in the breeze are all part of a conversation with the viewer. Hope you feel better, soon.

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