all about Gabe



That there handsome face belongs to our friend Gabe. The man is one of those people that put you immediately at ease when you first meet. Here are some interesting facts about Gabe, the Man, the Myth, and the Legend:


  • He is so cool that beer mugs become frosted the moment he sits at the table.
  • Queen Elizabeth once offered to knight him because she liked the cut of his cod piece.
  • He once broke up three marriages simply by jogging through the neighborhood without his shirt on.
  • The Most Interesting Man on Earth bows down to Gabe and utters the words "I am not worthy" when in Gabe's presence. 
  • He is so kind that Sister Theresa looked up to him.
  • Gabe is so smart that Google comes to him when they get stumped. 
  • Gabe is so masculine that Clint Eastwood once whined that Gabe was making him look bad.
  • Cat's secretly wish they could be as cool as Gabe.


If you know Gabe, leave a couple of your favorite Gabe facts in the comments.


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