my own personal giant

Pop and Miss Kitty


My father isn't particularly tall. He's just a bit shorter than me and we both weigh in the same neighborhood. However, in spite of his normal stature, he has been for many decades now, a towering figure in my life.

There is nothing he can't make fix, repair, or destroy as he deems necessary. He gives great advice…sometimes you don't even need to ask. He can be all macho man and ten minutes later, you will see him talking to the cat or loving on a baby. 

At almost eighty, he still loves a good adventure, likes paddling his kayak, and can work all day. On the other hand, he really loves a good nap…especially when he has a cat snuggled up with him.

Well Dad, Pop, Grand Pa, PaPa, Father, Pop Pop….which ever name you choose…you are a giant in my world. 



4 thoughts on “my own personal giant

  1. If only everyone could be so blessed as to have so great a father. Your words and your portrait are a lovely and intimate tribute… A wonderful man indeed. Now what is that saying about the apple? 😉


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