to be tall

Carriage Hill 2015-9110


Myrtle really has only a single dream…to be tall. Certainly to be taller than the grass. Just think what it would be like to look around and see the world that surrounds you. Right now, Myrtle can only see the green stalks of grass, the bugs that live on the grass, and an occasional mouse. If she strains her neck and looks up, she can see the sky with it's clouds and occasional bird.

Myrtle wants more. She wants to be able to see what ever it is that she can hear. Loud noises come from beyond the grass. What could make sounds that loud?

How tall would she need to be? Tall as the tree tops that tease her over the grass? Maybe the trees are just bigger grass? Could there be some other bigger cow looking down at her like she is a mouse in the grass. Myrtle involuntarily looked up at the thought of a giant cow. She didn't want to be stepped on.

To be tall…that is all that Myrtle wants. It's taking forever. She's already three weeks old and still not tall. 

Myrtle dreams of being tall. That's all she can do for now.






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