checking in on Belle and baby

Carriage Hill Farm 2015-8520


This morning, I stopped by the farm to check in on Belle and her baby. The farm is closed to the public today, so it was the perfect time to visit them while enjoying a little peace and quiet.


However, the moment I arrived, the weather set in. The blustery wind whipped up that cottonwood fluff and sent it flying. If I didn't know that it was late May, I would have thought it was snowing.


Carriage Hill Farm 2015-8515


True to form, the rain wasn't far behind. However, the horses didn't seem to mind at all.


Carriage Hill Farm 2015-8643


With a new baby, Belle has a pasture to herself until the colt gets a little older. I don't think she minds. All of that sweet spring grass is all for her.

Have a great day folks.


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