Belle and the New Colt


Tuesday afternoon, Belle gave birth to a fine healthy colt. When I first saw him stand, I was struck by how tall he was and the length of his gangly legs. Like his mother, he is black with the exceptions of one white rear hoof and the white blaze on his forehead. It is not uncommon for percherons to be born black and then slowly turn very light grey as they grow older. His grandmother is all light grey (almost white) and as you can see, Belle is well on her way as well.

With last week's new calf, the new lambs, and new piglets expected in a few months, Carriage Hill Farm's animal family is growing in leaps and strides this year. 

No names for the colt and calf just yet. I will keep you posted. One sure bet is that the calf will be named after a flower, following in the hoof steps of Daisy, Rosebud, Lilly, and fern.

Have a great day.

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