the last assignment

For the past few years, I have had the plesure and honor to be associated with an amazing photographer, Tom Dinning. As a mentor and inspiration, Tom is single handedly responsible for much of the growth in my photographic work. His guidance allowed me to become comfortable with my work as an artform and not as a simple hobby. He’s expanded my knowlege and my vocabulary of photography.

As part of his tutelage, my last assignment was to select twenty images and frame them in Photo Shop for a virtual exhibit, complete with artist’s statement. A fairly straightforward task. However, Tom has also inspired a sense of individuality and adventure in his pupils. We are free to explore our own curiosity and interests in the pursuit of new skills and knowledge.

So, I took the assignment in another direction. Where to begin?

My photos often inspire stories in my mind and I thought that it would be interesting to mount the photos on a wall next to the story that they’d inspired. However, I also know that images inspire different stories in the minds of the viewers that enjoy them. So, I wanted to pair photos and stories in a way that would not diminish the viewers ability to summon his on thoughts and words.  

As my thoughts crystalized, I imagined that an exhibit would need a poster…that is where my work actually began.


Twenty Thousand Words - Poster


And of course, any exhibit of any worth would have to have a book. This is where I first paired the stories and images.


You can download and view the PDF here. (1184.3K)


You will notice the images contained in the book are not framed. Who takes photos of framed photos for use in a book? Not I. I did however frame all twenty images. You can see them on the last page in the PDF, but here is an example for you.




If you would like to learn how to use Photo Shop to place your images in a virtual frame, this PDF (242.0K) shows you how I did it.

I hope you become inspired to create your own virtual gallery of images or your own photo book. Even better, start to look for the story hidden in your photos and put those stories into words.