living with masterpieces

Living with Art


When I saw this scene in our little local art museum, I was dumb struck.

I've been fascinated with the 1,400+ pieces of art discovered in a German apartment, many of which could have been stolen by the Nazis during the war. I am obsessed with the story and have been following it for months. It's not that some old German guy might have stolen art, it's not even the huge numbers involved or the calibre of the artists that has captured my imagination. What keeps me engrossed in the story is the thought of living with so many masterpieces in your own home. 

How do you view that art? After a while do you just walk by it as though it was nothing? After all, it's been hanging on your wall for years. Do you find yourself stopping and staring at your favorite pieces? Do you even need a TV or can you just pull your couch around so that it faces some particularly wondrous masterpiece?

How do you live with all of that incredible art? 


2 thoughts on “living with masterpieces

  1. What a fascinating way of thinking about it… I do love how your brain works. Your blog makes me think about things in a new way. I probably would be thinking more about the relief that things were recovered, but not lost forever or destroyed. 🙂 It is a staggering thought…that much great art in one place.


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